This refraction considers what happens the production line goes askew. It considers creative and economic “productivity” in a world on pause. What happens to these impulses? They spin off, refracted in unexpected directions, distorted beyond recognition. This refraction follows their flight. Its curation is a light touch, leaving the space for each work to unfurl.

Artemis Papachristou’s Wallpapers is a visual novel about a room in “almost central London”. It asks what happens to the commodification of private space under the new conditions of a lockdown. The voluntary sharing of private space for profit transforms into the involuntary sharing of its space in endless zoom meetings.
Francesca Marino’s This is a site writing project wonders what it is to create in the face of a void. It turns to conversation as a “strategy to face and fill the void”. The work is itself a “curious conversation” between Judith Butler, an open call, “produced” images, thoughts from friends and personal reflections.

Olga Markou’s This unknown stops the machine? brings ‘60s and ‘70s visions of technology liberating us from labour into the context of ‘20s relentless productivity. It traces the new shapes the pandemic forces these visions to take on, playfully blurring the distinctions between productivity and leisure, private and public, nature and technology.

Curated by Honor Vincent

Artemis Papachristou      Wallpapers

Francesca Marino      This is a site writing project

Olga Markou      This unknown stops the machine?