Through Time   

Time, Shadows
  Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds  is an artist and educator based in London, currently on the MA in Situated Practice and the Bartlett, UCL. Her most recent work considers public space as portals, and the legacies and stories within these. She often works collaboratively with young people, as a visiting artist in schools and communities.

On The Line
 Abdulrahman El-Taliawi is a London-based architect and writer from Cairo. He holds an MSc in Architectural Design from Politecnico di Milano and an MA in Architectural History from the Bartlett, UCL. His professional experience is in earthen vernacular building. His research interests include the architecture of text, and writes at

  Sara Kärpänen  is a Finnish-born, London based multimedia artist (MA), writer and founder of Women of the Wick podcast and community space dedicated to elevating the creative work and personal stories of local women. In her artistic practice, Sara explores the dichotomy between private and public, belonging and displacement by using poetry, photography and audio as her primary mediums.

  With In   

  Honor Vincent  is a writer based in London. She has a background in English literature and is currently undertaking an MA in Architectural History at the Bartlett, UCL. Her work negotiates the porous relationship between self and habitat.  
IG: @honorvincent

The Lost Home
  Yuxiao Chen  is a documentary filmmaker based in Beijing. She is undertaking MA Situated Practice at Bartlett, UCL.

Covid-19 Logs
  Fanqi (Kiki) Zhou  is an urban geographer and practitioner based in London (?). Her research explores the spatial constitutions of public space in contemporary cities. With the pursuit of developing a form of critical spatial practice, she is currently undertaking MA Situated Practice at the Bartlett, UCL.

  Between Others  

Pido la Palabra   
  Enrique Cavelier  is an architect and researcher. He worked at the office of Giancarlo Mazzanti in Bogotá, Colombia where he collaborated on different projects, competitions, and exhibitions.  Now, he is currently finishing a master's in Situated Practice at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. His current research interest is in communities' participation in city-making to test new models of inclusivity and involvement in the design of built environments.

  Diana Salazar  is a PhD candidate at the Bartlett School of Architecture. She holds a degree in Ecology and a MSc Environment and Sustainable Development at DPU, UCL. Her research looks at environmental history from the struggles of those affected by mining in La Guajira and its links to networks of international solidarity.

  Lia Mazzari’s work is often collaborative engaging new audiences through encounters with art in non-conventional spaces. She creates recorded and live events that embrace the broader sense of sound in space. This fluid relationship towards a sonic activism, bodies and site form the crux of her practice.

Out of Production 

This Unknown Stops the Machine
  Olga Markou is an architect based in Greece. She is currently working in an architecture studio and undertaking the MA Situated Practice at the Bartlett, UCL. She is interested in the mixture of art and design, critical spatial practices, architecture theory and sociology. Through her projects she is exploring the boundaries between private and public, nature and technology, productivity and leisure.

This is a Site-Writing Project
  Francesca Marino  is an interior designer with a background in product design. After working in two architectural firms in Italy, she is now completing the MA in Situated Practice at the Bartlett to follow her passion for contemporary art, exhibition design and architecture. She is currently working on this project:

  Artemis Papachristou is an architect and a creator currently based in London. She has worked as an architect and has exhibited her work in Europe and in the USA. She is currently a student at the MA Situated Practice in the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, where she is researching on Digital Nomadism.
IG : @llllartemis

  Across Language   

  Vid Znidarsic  is an architect and architectural historian, holding a MArch degree from The University of Ljubljana, as well as an MA degree in Architectural History from The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. Currently working as a designer at Bjarke Ingels Group, his interest lies on a threshold where conceptual thinking interweaves with forward-looking design practices.

  Rachael Docherty  is an artist and writer based in Glasgow and London. She is a graduate from Sculpture and Environmental Art at The Glasgow School of Art and is now studying an MA in Situated Practice at The Bartlett, UCL. Her work looks at language, identity, and the things that are lost within translation. Her work can be found on:
IG: @rachldoch

Unusual Perspective
  Eylul Bulgun  is an architect. She completed her undergraduate degree in Istanbul and got her post graduate degree from the Bartlett by the program MA Architecture and Historic Urban Environments. She is interested in the various scales of the interventions to the historic environment.

 Out of Place 

Welcoming the Margins
  Keren Kuenberg  is an architectural researcher and a curator. Her practice is situated at the intersection of the built environment, archives, exhibitions, and politics with an ongoing interest in shaping the outcome with various interactive formats.
Her works can be found at:

House on Hill
  Sean Cham  is an artist and researcher based between London and Singapore. He is currently pursuing an MA in Situated Practice at the Bartlett, UCL. His current research interest is in ethical conservation, especially with regards to colonial architecture.
His works can be found at:


Critical Spatial Practice: Site-Writing

 Jane Rendell  (BSc, DipArch, MSc, PhD) is Professor of Critical Spatial Practice at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, where she co-initiated the MA Situated Practice and supervises MA and PhD projects. Jane has introduced concepts of ‘critical spatial practice’ and ‘site-writing’ through her authored books: The Architecture of Psychoanalysis (2017), Silver (2016), Site-Writing (2010), Art and Architecture (2006), and The Pursuit of Pleasure (2002). With Dr David Roberts, she leads the Bartlett’s Ethics Commission; and with Dr Yael Padan, ‘The Ethics of Research Practice’, for KNOW (Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality).
 David Roberts is a Lecturer in Architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture, Research Ethics Fellow for the Bartlett Ethics Commission, part of collaborative art practice Fugitive Images and of architecture collectives Involve and BREAK//LINE. David’s work engages community groups whose livelihoods are under threat, empowers ethical reasoning in built environment practice, and extends architectural education to primary school children.
 Polly Gould is an artist, writer and curator who shows with Danielle Arnaud. She co-curated TOPOPHOBIA: Fear of Place in Contemporary Art.  She is the author of a monograph titled Antarctica, Art and Archive on polar exploration and watercolours published by Bloomsbury and is a Lecturer at the Bartlett School of Architecture.