Through Time ︎︎︎ 

Through time, is the first of six refracted sites we’ll be visiting over the course of the following 10 days. By listening to the works of artist Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds, architect Abdulrahman El-Taliawi  and writer Sara Kärpänen, this site draws us back into the shock moment of the cessation of our everyday life as we knew it under capitalism. 
In Through Time they explore duration as a site, space and process to write with and reflect upon.

Curated by Lia Mazzari

time, shadows  (Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds) 

Re-creation spaces was originally conceived as a constellation of public spaces in conversation with each other and the city scapes they occupy. Reacting to the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak the writing developed a dialogue about the use of public space alongside the immediate human passage of time and equally human acts of memorial. Taking the ‘look-out’ as a methodology from Lisbon’s hill top ‘miradouro’ parks, and applying this as a loose framework to set a scene between several small corners of London’s urban leisure spaces whose architecture describes a certain use: an ampitheatre for example, suggests a staging, a gathering, listening, speaking.

On the Line (Abdulrahman El-Taliawi)

In the troubled Spring of 2020, the world was overtook by a pandemic. Everyone, everywhere, are staying put, wherever they are. Our understandings of time, space and society are being redefined. This 3-Act audio text performance draws on diaries, correspondence and voice notes that have become essential during this time to record the echo of non-presence. It draws on notions of time, language, and what it means to be on the line, especially during this time. It documents the site-writing project as a process, one’s self as site, and how I arrived to (writing) it. Or, the journey of finding one’s voice.


(Be)Longing - A site for what is lost (Sara Kärpänen)

Poetic Narratives on nostalgia, mourning and loss. The work aims to look more closely at nostalgia and mourning for physical sites that no longer exist. This audio work consists of six different responses to the question "Which space, place, or site do you long for?" sent to the artist by a voice message. The memories are recorded in Finnish, Spanish and English. Written translations are available in all three languages below.