With In

‘Let the past and the present, the here and the there, the one and the other, intertwine and collide’

From Yuxiao Chen’s, The Lost Home

This episode presents three works conjured from with-in. The words ‘with’ and ‘in’ are importantly not just here to denote inside-ness, from inside the walls of an apartment, but also works that attend to the rhythm of thought and body, the unfurling of time and space, and the ways the practitioners, Yuxiao Chen, Fanqi (Kiki) Zhou and Honor Vincent, each adapted to mobilising new slownesses1.

These works give voice to experience, object, history, sense and place. Hovering between connectivity and distance.

Understand: to comprehend or grasp the idea of. Literally, to stand in the midst of. The “under” does not mean beneath. It is an Old English “under”, meaning between or among.

From Honor Vincent’s, Homekeeping.

1. Adaptation of the phrase ‘to mobilise slowness’ from a virtual gathering: Slowness: A conversation between Tina Campt, Saidiya Hartman, Simone Leigh, and Okwui Okpokwasili, via Danspace Project. May 7th 2020. Find here.
Curated by Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds

Covid-19 Logs (Fanqi (Kiki) Zhou)

‘It was not planned, nor was it expected, that so much would storm over in the time of this project. Turbulent and unsettling. To dissolve the feelings and thoughts jammed in the diary...’ 

Covid-19 Logs is published as a website collation of diary entries starting in March, 2020.

Oscillating between many voices, ‘I’, ‘She’, portraying companions as alphabetised pseudonyms alongside meticulous documentational detail of the turbulent and unsettling daily voyage. The narrator shares the experience of being a foreign student in London, beginning a journey through the political and cultural shifts occurring at light-speed pace; reflecting on updates from friends and family in both China and the UK, adapting to new technological interfaces, and making personal decisions in the preparations for leaving the UK. 

‘As I was writing, it was felt that this embodied narrative raises and resonates with so much of some general concerns - identity, nationality, racial discrimination, collectivity, love and care.‘ 

Fanqi (Kiki) Zhou will read selections from the diaries on Instagram Live on Friday 23rd October. The reading will be available to listen back shortly after the live event.

the lost home (Yuxiao Chen)

The Lost Home, through the experience of Hua Xinmin's family, tells a story post the establishment of the new regime of the People's Republic of China in 1949, during all the political movements before the 1980s, and how, under the pressure of the country's rapid economic development after the 1990s, how the owners of private property in Chinese cities were gradually deprived of their rights.

Yuxiao Chen examines the relationship between text and image, using different types of voice to expand the boundaries of writing in the essay film. Reassembling image, research and time relating to a specific dwelling that was to become Jinbao Street, and the Hong Kong Jockey Club, as well as their own experiences in March, 2020.  

Homekeeping (Honor Vincent)

Homekeeping presents itself as a short story of a body experiencing itself whilst negotiating the sensorial encasement of it’s surroundings: thinking through slow senses, with objects alive and in company.

The writer (the body, the thinker) stretches and encircles thoughts and words converying the more than human experience of quarantine life in a flat, with a chair, coffee, a laptop and a quite dead plant in soil near the bed.

Covid-19 Logs
  Fanqi (Kiki) Zhou  is an urban geographer and practitioner based in London (?). Her research explores the spatial constitutions of public space in contemporary cities. With the pursuit of developing a form of critical spatial practice, she is currently undertaking MA Situated Practice at the Bartlett, UCL.

The Lost Home
  Yuxiao Chen  is a documentary filmmaker based in Beijing. She is undertaking MA Situated Practice at Bartlett, UCL.

  Honor Vincent  is a writer based in London. She has a background in English literature and is currently undertaking an MA in Architectural History at the Bartlett, UCL. Her work negotiates the porous relationship between self and habitat.  
email: honorvincent@icloud.com 
IG: @honorvincent